Babylon Boards Berlin

Client: Babylon Boards Berlin
Work: Visual Identity, Art Direction

Babylon Boards Berlin is a nice and petite skate company founded in 2014 in Kreuzberg, Berlin. What makes BBB so unique is it’s novel and environmental friendly printing process which allows highest definition photo quality on canadian maple wood skateboards.

We worked out a visual identity for the boards and garments which focus on pop culture with an ironic twist. We were also asked to create the logo, business stationary and stickers.

babylon, berlin, skate, boarddesign, kreuzberg, ice cube, westcoast, gangsta, hommage, 90s, vintage, nwa,

A tribute to American hip hop artist Ice Cube back in the days.

babylon, berlin, skate, boarddesign, kreuzberg, Ceci n'est pas une pipe, magritte, beach, party, summer, ironic

An hommage to the Belgian surrealistic artist Rene Magritte
and his famous meta message painting “La trahison des images”.


babylon, berlin, skate, boarddesign, kreuzberg, political, turbo, capitalism, usa, ironic

A tribute to German artist Albrecht Dürer and his engraving “Praying Hands” and the almighty praised dollar.

babylon, berlin, skate, boarddesign, kreuzberg, tron, 80s, pyramid, future, cheesy, ironic, vintage

An hommage to the great movies in the early 80s.