Kiko King Creative Maze

Client: Mesanic GmbH
Artist: Kiko King & Creative Maze
Work: Public Image, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Packaging Design, Merchandise

The music of Kiko King & Creative Maze from Berlin represents a fusion of musical genres and heavy baselines with ethical poetry, mixed with candid forthright passion and bewilderment.

Our first task consisted in image consultancy in order to develop a holistic outer appearance and public image of the artists. For instance we took in charge their general style of clothing and supervised photo shootings for the media or their own releases.

We also elaborated their visual identity including an illustrative logo and a signet which transports their unique perspective on music and life. Furthermore we developed the website design and the packaging for their first release called “Intellect Illuminated” as well as the respective merchandising products.

In collaboration with Christoph & Florin Schmidt.

Photos: Vitali Gelwich /
Clothing: Aurelia Paumelle /
Glasses: R.T.CO Berlin /