Millerntor Gallery

Client: Millerntor Gallery
Work: Redesign of the Visual Identity, Art Direction

Millerntor Gallery is an international festival for urban art, music and creative engagement in Hamburg hosted by the non-profit organization Viva con Agua. (VcA is campaigning for clean drinking water worldwide.) Name giver and location of the gallery and the festival is the Millerntor Stadion, home of the national league Soccer Club FC St. Pauli.

We were asked to redesign the entire visual identity of the gallery taking account of the new architecture of the fully renovated stadion. Starting with the signet which reflects the entrance gate to the stadion we elaborated a modular system of design elements for the business stationary, the website design and any cross media appearances.

Besides all advertising media for the festival we created a visual guidance system including exhibition plaques, direction signs, operating plans, festival passes. Last but not least we also designed the merchandising products for the festival.

In collaboration with Christoph & Florin Schmidt.




The exhibition catalogue was designed by the fellas at GUDBERG/NERGER.