Work: Movie Poster & Film Titles

I created a special typelogo for the movie as well as the poster and the film title.

“MOCKBA is a video documentation of THE ART UNION’s co-curation of the Artmossphere Urban Art Biennale 2016 in Moscow featuring Berlin-based artists Pablo BenzoMario Mankey and Johannes Mundinger.

THE ART UNION is a non-profit art association based in Berlin.
The Art Union is run by professional players in the fields of art and culture with expertise in communication of art, art funding and visual communication.

Film by:
Kevin Lüdicke –

Featured artists:
Pablo Benzo –
Johannes Mundinger –
Mario Mankey –

Music by:
Obscur Patrol – Ours Samplus x Grandhuit (ft. Amaterasu)
Galax – Beeing a White Rapper –
Maximoe – Grey Chip Tune –
Figub Brazlevič – Inner City Tribe –

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