Installing our studio came up for us like the moon landing. Therefore we had to mark our new territory with the ON&ON flag aka our logo. Following this private joke we developed a welcome package in our new corporate identity for all clients and friends who assisted to the official opening on September 27th, 2014. It took up the moon landing theme and consisted in a personal invitation (postcard), an 8 page brochure presenting ourselves and a letterpress business card. For the lead we did a photo shooting with our mate Vitali Gelwich at Studio 67 with a huge blower, a smoking machine, our new overalls and lots of stuff from our props room. The letterpress business cards were individually handpressed by our partners from Letterpress-Manufaktur in Hamburg. Thanks to these guys for their amazing work.

In collaboration with Christoph & Florin Schmidt.

Photos: Vitali Gelwich / www.vitaligelwich.com
Letterpress-Manufacturing: Andreas Sietz / www.letterpress-manufaktur.de