Client: Streuobstwiesen Manufaktur
Work: Visual Identity, Art Direction, Packaging Design, Brand Strategy

The main aim of the brand OSTMOST is to support the regional “Streuobstwiesen”. There is no literal translation but it is something like “organic orchards”. Due to many reasons these habitats for over 5.000 animals and plants are threatened. The beverages were created as an instrument to promote and finance their reforestation. By cultivating Streuobstwiesen and processing their fruits their preservation will be guaranteed. The specific procedure of cultivating these orchards is more complex and expensive than in conventional agriculture. Therefore OSTMOST pays prices far above average to farmers who cultivate Streuobstwiesen in Eastern Germany.

One of the tasks was to create a visual identity including logo, package design, business stationary and advertising media. We decided to make the endangered species the testimonials of the brand. Therefore every beverage has it’s individual animal on the bottle label. As OSTMOST combines rural life with an urban attitude we created different settings for it’s testimonials. These are found throughout hte whole visual identity and media.

We also created the visual identity of the campaign „Reclaim Streuobstwiesen“ which  invites likeminded partners to engage in the mission of saving the Streuobstwiesen. The campaign is visually led by the clenched fist which has become also the logo and key visual of the non-profit association „Äpfel und Konsorten“. This association consists mainly of agricultural experts and works closely together with OSTMOST to reforestate  Streuobstwiesen in Eastern Germany.

In collaboration with Christoph & Florin Schmidt.