UCON Product Teaser

Client: UCON Acrobatics
Partner: Andreas Lamoth/Editude Pictures
Work: Visual Identity, Art Direction, Packaging Design, Brand Strategy

UCON is a lifestyle brand anchored by creativity, quality tailoring, innovative appliqués and ethical production which mainly focuses on all types of high quality bags for a whole new generation of creative consumers.

Together with Andreas we directed and produced three teasers for three different backpacks from three different series.
The idea was to go from black over grey to white.

„I’m torn between the light and dark“

David Bowie once sang to describe a feeling that is so familiar to many of us. Urbanites in particular oscillate between these two poles recurring all shades of grey inbetween. And bags are their inseparable companions through this commute. The look, the feel and the functionality of a bag will determine the common path.

The original music score is from Ástvaldur Axel Þórisson from the great guys at oqko label collective in Berlin.